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Topped plants provide a number of high-level benefits for your indoor grow! For many beginner growers, the opportunity to continue a “conveyor-belt” style growing process can start relatively quickly.

Topped Plants: How Do You Do It?

The topping process is relatively easy but may need to be done on your second or third try at growing. We recommend getting the basics down the first time in order to fully understand the growing process.
The goal is to not overdo yourself when you are just beginning, but once you get that first grow under your belt and see how easy it is to fully grow, then you can try and “branch out” to other methods of growing.
The topping process is simply removing the top of your plant. This allows the energy and nutrients to spread to the lower leaves creating a larger and more effective harvest. You simply start at the top and end where the lower 5 nodes are.
Many will wait till week 4 to top their plants as they can clone that entire top part that they just snipped off. Others will wait till there are 6 nodes and start early. It’s up to you and how comfortable you are in the growing process.

What Can You Do With The Leftovers?

Well, the topping can be cloned to create a completely new plant! If you are looking to save on time and resources, the cloning process offers a functional and effective way to continue to grow immediately after you harvest.
The cloning process is simple and requires far less time than germinating a whole new batch of seeds.
Simply take the cutting, place it in a cloning hormone, stick it in some rock-wool or rapid rooter, place it under a light, and make sure it’s humid. That’s it! Over the course of two weeks, you should see that your plant will start developing an entirely new root structure and will be able to produce buds of its own!
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