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An indoor cultivation kit has taken over the various states that have legalized them. While it may take a while for the first recreational shop to open in your area, the ability to grow legally and safely in your home is now 100% AVAILABLE.

One of the main reasons so many choose to grow from the safety of their own home is the cost. Prior to the current shift in state policies, purchasing from your friend or neighbor was relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, as soon as your state said it was okay the prices skyrocketed. This was due to heavy taxes and retail costs. Where your neighbor or friend would have sold you for a much lower cost, now you must shell out between 35-40% MORE just to get the same thing!

Luckily there is a solution:

An Indoor Cultivation Kit Cuts Out The Middle Man

While it may be nice to walk into a nice clean store full of friendly sales associates, you need to realize that you are basically paying for that. Whether they are paid hourly or on sales commission, the cost comes out of YOUR wallet and into theirs. Not to mention that most of the money they make on the sale goes directly to the top, you no longer need more to justify clearing out a small space in your home dedicated to a true passion.

Once You Calculate The Savings, It’s A No-Brainer

Let’s do a quick number crunch. Prior to your state’s legal changes, what you typically purchase costs you around $35-$40 for a higher-end product. Now tack on the high retail costs and in many states like California, extremely high taxes, and you come out almost double just for a small amount!

While a weed grow kit can take some time to get the finished result that you want, the bounty is far greater and for only a fraction of the overall cost that you would be spending at the store.

While it may cost you around $60 each time you go into the store, for a small plant, you can harvest almost 10X that much. This means, for what you WOULD be spending, you’ll be saving approximately $650 – and that’s just for ONE plant. With TWO plants you’ll be saving over $1000 each grow cycle. Don’t be fooled that is a large quantity, and in many states, you can have up to 6 plants!

With the ability to grow from the comfort and safety of your home, your savings will skyrocket! You no longer need to wait for your local shop to open its doors to the public and you will be saving TONS!