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Rising legal retail prices are creating a large gap in consumer trends for 2021. Cannabis patients and recreational users have been treated to a relatively unsettling upsurge in cannabis retail costs. Partly due to the pandemic and partly due to the industry that is ever-moving, the cannabis industry is making it more difficult for people to obtain their pastime or medicine of choice.

Obviously, it comes down to supply and demand and the demand for cannabis in 2020 was extremely…ahem…” high”. With so many individuals either working from home to stay safe from the pandemic with nothing else to do – many are deciding to try and make movies, video games, or any other sort of entertainment a little more enjoyable. Thus, the increase in cannabis purchases this year (despite the industry overall taking a massive hit by COVID-19) remains substantial.

While many are content with purchasing their products at their local retail outlet or dispensary, a large number of people are researching ways that they can obtain cannabis at a fraction of the cost. Overall, growing from home can save you approximately 90% off retail value at stores. Yes, it takes time and patients to grow, but you know as they say:

“Give a man a fish, and he feeds himself for a day. TEACH a man to fish – and he’ll feed himself for a lifetime.”

The cannabis industry is no different. A few short years ago, you would have had to run down to your local hardware store and find all the right parts to make your grow efforts work. Not only that, but you had to also donate a large sum of space to start growing. This turned many inquiries away once the level of understanding and work was brought to the full spectrum.

Now that rising legal retail prices are in full swing – many are looking to new avenues. Thus, home grow kits are becoming a huge trend in 2021 within the cannabis community.

The home grow industry is seeing record numbers. Why spend so much on retail when you can have 100% organic, home grown cannabis done right from start to finish? Check out our grow library and our blogs to learn how much you can save and grow by using our kits!

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