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Cannabis home grow methods have become one of the more popular industries. As each state moves forward with common sense policies, more individuals are learning how to grow their own marijuana. This is paving the way for many to obtain cannabis where it is not regularly available.

Home Grow Cuts Costs

The average national cost for an ounce of marijuana is approximately $230. The average price for a small grow kit is around double that. At around $500, you can grow 2-3 plants and produce upwards of 15 ounces per grow cycle. So, by the time you have your first harvest, you have saved upwards of over $3500. Subtract the price of the kit and you still come out way over what you have invested.

Remember, you don’t have to deal with taxes but you also don’t need to pay retail costs. Essentially, you’re paying wholesale just for yourself.

Easier Access

The largest reason why people are choosing this method is the ease at which its available. Instead of driving to the store, they have access to the plant right there in their home. It’s safe, secure, and, although it takes some time, bountiful. What better way to know what you are ingesting than to grow it yourself?

Why is It Important That States Allow Home Grow Cultivation?

While a legalized market would mark a new industry for the granite state, the high costs of retail in addition to taxes will turn that $35 an eighth into upwards of $55. “Sure, that’s the price to pay for regulated and taxed cannabis”, you may say about it, but when you look at how the industry is allowed to function, you may think again.

Many of the earlier states allowed the cultivation of cannabis in the same means that tobacco has been cultivated. No restrictions for the pesticides and other chemicals that are sprayed on tobacco plants. This means that the cannabis that you are enjoying from your local store has a high potential to contain those same chemicals.


Have you ever had a favorite strain? I do. My favorites are King Louis, Jack Herer, and, of course, Sour Diesel. Unfortunately, despite most retail stores having a wide selection of cannabis, the market still dictates what they sell. This means that more popular strains for local areas get more focus while less popular strains fizzle away.

If you like how a strain makes you feel, then you want to purchase more of it. This is only available if there is an equal demand for it. Being able to grow from home means less time finding a store that sells your product. It means that at any point, you’ll be able to grow your favorite strains without the need for searching. It’s in your home and you don’t need to dish out sometimes big money to obtain it.

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