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LED and HPS lights utilize different types of light and heat. For beginners, this can be a tricky scenario. Don’t worry! We have the appropriate measurements for your kit!

Growing from the comfort of your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to produce your recreational or medical plants. One of the most common questions that we receive is the proper height for your grow lights.

Well, we’re here to tell you. We put together a list for both LED and HPS lights.

Before we begin:

One of the biggest misconceptions about growing is to measure from the ground to the light. This is a mistake that many beginner growers make. The best way to set your light is to measure from the top of the plant to the light itself. So when we address the measurements – no matter which light – the key point is to measure from the top of the plant.


HPS lights produce a lot more heat than LED lights. With the extra heat being given off, it is important that you maintain the proper height measurements throughout your grow. We put together a good “rule of thumb” for growing with these specific lights.

Our 150 Watt HPS lights cover a 2×2 area. Again, by measuring from the top of your plant to the light, our typical height requirement for these lights is 8-12 inches.


LED lights produce sunlight without the added heat. This allows you to use the full spectrum with a decreased risk of burning your plant. While using these lights, the proper height can be tricky to determine. One of the biggest mistakes that beginner growers make when using LED’s is to not worry about the height due to their lack of heat. This isn’t the case. Almost opposite to the HPS lights, the LED lights should be further away.

With our 600 Watt LED lights, you should keep them at 24 inches from the top of your plants.

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