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Indoor growing is the most popular trend among states that have decided to enact common-sense policies. While many were put off due to the consequences and legality of the process, many more are finding their way into education and truly understanding the benefits of indoor cultivation.

For many, the idea of learning how to grow from home can be a daunting task. There are plenty of outlets that one can go to help guide them along the grower’s journey, but not all are helpful. For instance, a forum can give you a multitude of answers for one issue, but they might all be completely different. Sometimes it can even get heated and argumentative on forums. Also, free guides on websites can be extremely wordy and can often deter people away from learning altogether.

Indoor Growing Isn’t As Hard As You May Believe

As experienced growers, we can guarantee that most beginner growers will try to do their research beforehand. It’s important to know that the process of growing from the safety and comfort of your home is no less difficult than growing tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots.

Certainly, it’s a good idea to have the core knowledge of how to grow, but the outlets that one can find anywhere can be extremely overwhelming. On top of that, we found that some communities of growers are belittling and outright mean. All of these things push people away from the prospect of the DIY culture.

The Budgrower Helps Guide You

We here at the Budgrower want to help beginner growers through the journey and learning experience of growing from home. We are a dedicated group of professional growers who excel in educating and providing a step-by-step run down on everything that is required for your grow. We make it fun, easy and you’ll enjoy learning from us as much as we enjoy educating you!